Bill’s Story

 Lazy, weird, daydreamer,airhead,..all those fun names I got called for lots of years. And I always thought it was because I’m an artist of sorts. Ah, yes, can’t forget the creativity. Used to write poetry. For the past 25 years have been creating music along with the words. 

I was diagnosed with ADD about 5 or 6 years ago. That’s when I began to understand why all those things that happened to me, or were done to me, had become an accepted part of my daily routine. 

Though, perhaps the best compliment given me was just before I was diagnosed. It was at a Wednesday night Bible study my wife and I attended. The leader has his doctorate in math, quite intelligent, and well respected. About 6 months into the studies (and after much embarrassment to my wife whenever I spoke, and strange looks from the others) the leader looked at me and said “Bill, I’m finally beginning to understand how you think and express yourself. You come at everything from way out in left field, instead of where everybody else thinks.

You give different light to everything, a refreshingly different point of view. We’re lucky to have you with us” (now, these weren’t his exact words, but, not too far off). It was then I realized that maybe I was given a gift. After being diagnosed with ADD, I realized the ADD is my gift. What I used to consider a curse, is in reality, what made me, ME! My music…still haven’t sold anything, but locally, am getting known and respected. Not bad for the kid who was paddled 3 times in 1st grade for daydreaming.