Dee’s Story

I’m in my 30’s and am just realizing that I may have ADD. In the company of three of my friends on different occasions, they have constantly said that I do not focus.One of my friends is always talking to me and he says I always change the subject or get up and walk away (as if I’m not paying attention). My friend is constantly telling me I need to stay focus. 

Recently I was driving and I was in the car with my cousin, I started talking and passed my exit and ended up driving all the way home. My cousin asked me what was wrong with me and how come once I started talking I lost track of where I was. 

Several years ago, I suffered from depression and learned to overcome it. Sitting in my house today I started to think about how difficult it is for me to complete tasks and how easily I am distracted. It is also very difficult for me to make a decision, I am now realizing that I may have ADD. And as I think back, in my earlier years I do remember my best friend telling me that I am always changing the subject..we can be talking about something and I will say something that may be totally unrelated. 

As, I said earlier, some friends in my life have notice how I cannot stay focus, one friend in particular talks about it all the time, because he thinks I’m being rude and I really don’t mean to. After reading some of the things Tara has mentioned, it all is starting to make sense to me. I am very disorganized and the thing I struggle with the most is focusing and making a decision. I also have a problem with memory and concentration. I’m am stuck right now because I am trying to make major decisions in my life and I cannot do it. I am constantly starting a task and not completing it, starting something else and not completing it and I realize that I am not getting anything done. 

I believe I’m going to seek help because several people have bought this to my attention and I need to move on with my life.