Virginia’ Story

I just been recently diagnose with ADD less than 6 months ago. I am 33 year old and soon to be 34 next month. As I sit, thinking about my past history why I felt so anger, confused of my learning disability, confidence, and my self-esteem. Pushing people aside, letting no one close to me. I felt depress all the time. I always wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Why can’t I accomplish anything I ever started. I felt my life meaningless. With no direction or understanding why me. Stupid I am not, but honestly I felt stupidity was a part of me. I”ve lost friends, family members for being cruel. Never having answer to my failures.

Intelligent people have said, I do have, but I never believed. Until now, I still have a lot of understanding of this ADD that is a part of me. What is positive now, is I have a different outlook, I am more focus, calm, and outgoing, but I still have along way to go. With the help of my psychologist, psychiatrist, my husband, my friend Lee her family, and groups/websites like this one. I will succeed. Please I request comments, suggestion, and stories from all. I felt scared at first, not knowing there were others out there like myself. Now i found place which i belong, people who understand me. I hope to hear from you all. Virginia