Carole’s ADD / ADHD Story

I am living with this in that my husband of 38 years is ADD – though not diagnosed until our son who was 8 at the time was having problems and we were sent by the school to local Child Mental Health with the County… Paul Wender was the doctor there in the early 1970’s and what a terrific man he is. Our son is ADD and gifted in Math and Arts… We are raising a grand child now 11 who is ADD and so is one of her twin brothers age 9 1/2….

ADD falls into Disability here in our school system in that the kids do need some special attention to keep them focused and on tract… Evelyn is finishing 5th grade and gets 7 A;s and usaully 3 B’s per report card…(her math and science are not her stong points.

She does not take medicine and now sees Dr Larry Silver here in Rockville MD. She is also in our County Honor String Orchestra and is a 2nd year violin student in school…. She plays a song 2 or 3 times and memorizes it and plays lovely.

For 29 years I had the local Leraning Disability Assoc office here in our home and had so many horror stories of families and professionals who didnot really understand ADD much less ADHD…

I enjoy writing stories about kids (5 to 12 )with ADD and how GREAT they are.

One will be out in late June 2000… Timmy’s “MIS”-adventures…. and the turning point…..