Blair’s ADD / ADHD Story

Call me blair (that sure is easier to say than Ishmael…don’t write me on the spelling, I bet you don’t carry a copy of Moby Dick on you all the time either) Well, I am a 34 year old man, currently single after a Seven year relationship with someone who didn’t wish to beleive I had ADD, I self diagnosed myself originally when I was 32 years old…with the help of several books on ADD (Driven to Distraction, and You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Crazy or Stupid), later on I got a therapist to diagnose me legitimately (like any of us really need to tell us once we suspect).I grew up sort of a loner since I was always off in my head, reading and TV were my best friends, plus a great imagination (ever crated an air powerd lawn mower?) I have always sort of been a misfit in one way or another…and I didn’t know what was going on or why..

I thought it was simply the myth of being blonde which was effecting me (dying your hair don’t fix it). One of the key points in my life was becoming proud of being called weird, because I didn’t want to fit into the cookie cutter of life. Unfortunately although I am well liked for my sense of humor but managment and authority hates it. Breaking up has let me become a very outgoing person with friends galore, I am still working to tame the paper tiger…but that may never happen, I am scheduling structure into my life, or else stuff never gets done, I am in a twelve step program (addiction runs in ADD people) and do not wish to use medication to “fix” it. The two medications I tried made me Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde syndrome…I would rather be me than have that evil side of me running around loose. Well, hope this has been educational or amusing or downright alarming in some way…please feel free to drop me a line.