Clayton’s Story

Ok well I’m going to attempt to add to this. I’m 43. Probably – now actually have ADD since child.

Childhood very bad. Not wanting to share too much but very very nightmare.

Young boy very sensitive but this is not good in my environment.

Grow up very sad and not much love. Very hard on boys and better to be a girl if have good heart.

When I get older I fight too much. But always my heart feeel bad.

My Mother(no father) and Brothers say I am gay. My Sisters no want to talk to me.

I take small animals home AND MY FAMILY IF THEY FIND they disappear.

When I leave school no writer and spell but I pick things up very quickly.

I have good job in factory and learn how to fix but very boring.

I leave and work with Adults with handicaps.

Now I an young handsome young man and many women wans to know me.

My life cant stay still

I traveled but because I cant focus always change.

If I give you list of things I have done I dont think you will believe.
Better you check first.

ADD good in my life but also very bad.

I now look for help but no help in New zealand.

For me ADD is at the extreme.

No more then 10 min is max is why I try to bang this out.

My full marks to ADD that have given life history

ADD is harder as you get older.

For me hard in New Zealand because i am on my own.

If I can get through this depression I told myself I will work with people with this condition.

Thank you for letting me get this of chest.

PS – people with this very special. I think God give so we not get too humble