Coleen’s Story

My story on adhd is about my son. He is the middle child of three. His brothers are 8, and 10 nicholas is 9 and was just diagnosed with adhd. I always new there was something different about nicholas. He was always on the go seemed like he was “drivin by a motor” as they say. His trouble started in kindergarted. The first week of school i recieved numerous calls in regards to his behavior. The teacher would tell me that during story time Nicholas would tap his feet make noises and was very distracting to the rest of the class. I felt as though the teacher did not like Nicholas, he was constantly picked on. At home Nicholas played well with his brothers and they fought just like other kids do. Nicholas is now in Fourth grade and after years of asking the school for a core evaluation I am finally going to recieve one.I took Nicholas to Mass General Hospital in Boston where he was diagnosed with ADHD.

I am a single mother and it is very difficult for me to give homework time to my other two children. Nicholas needs to be sat with on a one to one basis until his work is completed. If not he will lose his train of thought. In the begining i did not know how i was going to deal with his behavior. He seemed like the older he got the more out of control he got. I now feel much better in control over adhd because the knowledge i have now learned through reading and talking to therapists about this disorder. Nichols is the most loving child, he is constanly writing me notes and letters around the house. His letters are written as follows. “my Mom Is The Prettist mom in the univers..I love My Mom…he writes these notes daily to me because i believe he knows what i am trying to do for him to help him. It is kind of ironic they say that these kids cant focus…but yet he is so intuned to see how i have tried to help him live with this disorder..As frustrated as i can get sometime…he will come up to me when i am at the end of my rope, and hug me and tell me I am the best mommy and he loves me>>> that makes all the frustration and effort worthwile…he is “MY ANGEL”