Spiderh’s Story

I read through a few of the letters that are posted here. I was touched by them all. The loving mother touched me most, because I am in a similar position.

I have an amazingly smart seven year old son. There is nothing that you tell him in regard to knowledge that he cannot recall in an instant. I have been able to get him a computer and he masters all the educational games that I get for him in a few hours. He surfs the web much more efficiently than I am able to. I will install programs for him and in a little while he will call me in and show me things in the programs that I had no idea were there.

He has had problems socially since he was first able to interact with other children. He is very aggressive in many instances. He will behave inappropriately for his age at the strangest of times. I find myself getting very frustrated with him and then dealing with him inappropriately as well. I believe I have ADD as well. I have never been formally diagnosed, probably out of fear.

As I read through the other testimonials of ADD sufferers, I recognized so many symptoms that I have. My life has always been a blur. I do not remember many things that others have described. Most things in my life I can only remember if there are pictures of them. I find it very frustrating that my friends will talk of things that they remember us doing, and unless there are pictures of the occasion, I cannot recall. I usually smile and laugh and tell them how much fun I had, or how much I was touched. I have simply learned how to convince people that I do remember the times that were important to us, not that I do.

As described in what I have read, I always have more things on the go than I am able to accomplish. I rarely ever finish what I have started. It is a challenge to do so. My desk for work is covered in papers that belong in files, but I can’t slow myself enough to file them.

I feel that I am constantly on “fast forward”. My life whirls by me, and I don’t have time to enjoy each moment, because that is all we have.

I try very hard to concentrate on the things that matter. Family and loved ones. I get lost though and I will find that I have spent a day, or several or a month on some temporary infatuation. I will develop some cause that I am all tied up in knots about and will focus on it for a brief time and then forget about it like I never even knew about it in the first place.

I have been doing some research into homeopathic remedies. A lack of Zinc affects people like me and my son. So do antioxidants. I know what zinc is, but I have to find out what antioxidants are.

I am not a believer in the most part for chemical medicines. I believe that since our bodies are made of natural substances that the proper balance of such, should help us maintain stability.

I am tired of the fight that is my life every day. I wish for peace. The peace that I need is inner peace. Then I could really kick some a– with my multi-tasking ability! I have felt my entire life that I am floundering without a purpose. I know that my purpose is to raise my sons well. I have two of the most amazing sons on the planet right now. One requires a lot of extra help to accomplish the simple little tasks in life, like his mother.

The other requires love and assistance as all children do. They are the best of friends, which is wonderful. They still beat on each other mercilessly. Since I am not able to co-ordinate my thoughts to make this coherent, I hope there is someone out there on the WWW that understands what I have been trying to say. Love all of you lots. Spiderh