Mary’s Story

Ok first of all there will probably be a lot od spelling errors here. I was a special ed student all of my life and never did well in school i an an IQ that would be concered border line of retarted. But i kow i am not. I am do a lot of things that are visual to me i have a lot of trouble concentrating and staying focused. I am 29 and was dignosed with ADD and i am no welburtrain sr it seem to help when i can rember to take it. I also take Bu Spar for my anxiety. I strugled all throught school and always felt different i was always in special classes and always felt like i was stupid. One day when i was in High School i asked one of my teachers why he passed me because i failed everything in the class and he said it was for effort right then and there i knew i was set up to be a failer. I felt like no one wanted to help me ot give me the time i needed. I felt like i was pushed right through school and no one cared. My self astean was very low. One Year My parents even sues the town i was living in at the time to get them to sent me to a special school that i was accepted to. my parents were saying that the school was not living up to my IEP and ould not give me the services i needed. Well we lost to get me to go to the school but won to the fact that the town paid all the fees. Now i have 3 kids believe my daugher who is 5 has the adhd and my sone who is 2 will have it to as i was told. It is really hard living with the ADD when you live with some one who doesn’t have it. For some reason they just don’t understand you and how you do things. well that is all there are probable a lot of erros here but i how you understand what i said.