Robin’s Story

Well today what is on my mind the most is the same thing that has been for the last few days.Since last Friday to be exact, is since I’ve been somewhat troubled. I had gone into a meeting with a couple of proffesionals to discuss my daughters school progress.It turns out she is not doing so well,at this point they told me they suspected that she was ADD.Whiles sitting there it became more apparent to them and myself,that not only was she but so was I.It’s been weighing heavily on my mind and I’m not really sure of how I feel yet or how well I’m coping.Sometimes I feel happy that I know why it is that I have struggled with my concentration among other things.Sometimes I feel sad knowing I have a learning disability when I’ve never considered myself to have any before.Sometimes I feel comforted knowing there have been reasons for why I’ve handled certain situations the way I have in my life.Sometimes I feel excited when I’ve read about some new symptoms that I’ve experienced all of my life and finally know it is normal for ADD people.Sometimes I feel scared that I will do something that I will regret by damaging or sabotaging the relationships in my life the way I have so many times in my past.Most of the time I just feel confused though about the whole thing and I often wonder if anyone out there truly understands what it is that I am going through.I also wonder if there will ever be someone in my life long enough to be able to truly except me when I go through my confused days like today and when I think of this it makes me sad.