Steve’s Story

This is for chris he is the 18 year old with A.D.D. My name is steve im 33 years old. I have been living with a.d.d all my life, it has made my life fall apart, i have lost every one and every thing i have ever had. when i say this try to understand that i never knew i had a.d.d i just found out 5 days ago. It started in school i just could not learn my mind just moved from one thing to another, My mom and dad just did not no what to do, i had a good home life i was loved but that never seemed to fulfil me. I was very smart so i was told by every one, they all said if you would just follow thru with what you started, i would say im sorry i will do better next time. the next time has come and gone time and time again for 30 years. i have three kids all girls 5 8 19 months old, a wife that i love with all my heart, we have been together for ten years, and in that ten years i have worked my five of them.

You see i would start a job and for the first few months it would go very good, but then i would start calling in and go in late, at work my bose would say steve you are a good hard worker but you need to stop talking so much, and finish what you start. one job after another all the same. my wife worked to she is always on time never lays out she just could not understand why it was so hard for me. three years ago she came home and said i want you to get out she has had it with it all, well i did go for two months and i told her i would not let her down this time, but once again did. over and over llettingher down. Well now we are in the same home but torn apart not talking she thinking we should split up for good,im geting help went to my fist counseling last night, what im trying to tell you son is that you are 18 and it has been hard i no! but you have a lot of life left and you will make it. we all need to think of what our a.d.d has done to the ones we love so dearly im not giving up there is hope/help and love i may lose tonya but if i do i will be a better man for my kids no matter what. i love you all thank you for your storys they have put a lot of the peaces of my life together.