Darren’s Story

Hello to everyone, My name is Daren..i was diagnosed with a learning disability about 10 yrs ago….i after 10 years seeked out the opinion of another physician, he tested me and came up with ADD,,,when i read over all the traits of a ADD”er, i find an awful lot of me in there…..as well as some of the learning disability…..i am a little confused on what or if there is much difference?

He has been treating me with Wellbutrin for about 4 months now….i after about 3.5 months am finally at the highest dose…..which is 4 pills of 150 milligrams a day…..i don’t find it to be doing anything….other then not crave smokes anymore (which is good also), but not what i was hoping. Should he be working with me psychologically also….i am sure that ive had this disability (IM 34) probably 30 yrs of my life….. school allways was tough for me.

Iam wanting him to give me answers quicker and am not sure he is doing what he should be doing…..but i am not a lover of doctors….as they have not convinced me in my life that they are doing all that they can for people…..seems a Price tag is on our heads a lot of the time….or atleast thats what it seems like.

I am so full of questions ..i really enjoy this ADDer board…i actually signed up as a member about 3 months ago….i read postings every day….but never know what to write…..guess that’s part of my organization…..anyways hope to hear back…..and thanks so much for having this board…..Daren from Canada EH!!!