Kit-Kat’s Story

well… here goes. (I’m 18, female and god knows how I managed to get into engineering in university)

I recently got two thumbs up from a rather sassy individual who told me “wow, an improvement! you haven’t been psycho for the last.. ahh 3min and 45 sec.” ….

so what exactly does one respond to that with?

a)ignore and walk away
b)sigh and decide he’s just immature and wants to feel *big*
c) tell him he can shove those thumbs up you know where and throw a pen at his face
we can all guess what this little genius did can’t we.. ?

so I was told I was a genius. So I was told I was immature. So I was told to:

1) shut up
2) wait yer turn
3) sit still
4) what the HELL are you doing now?
5) hello? anyone in there?
6) pay attention
7) stop being a baby
8) yer sooo creative
9) LIVE UP to your potential
10) i thought you were smart.. why’d you just get 17.5% on that test?
11) YOU FORGOT.. (fill in with everything you can think of here) .. AGAIN
!?!! 12)do you know what time it is? yer late.. again
13) wake UP! why are you such a drag in the morning.
15) stop arguing with your father
16) don’t you know when to give up?
17) THINK before you speak
18) THINK before you act
19) actually.. just think in general
20) Your younger brother can control himself, he knows when to give up, why can’t YOU?
21) oh stop that.. you’re overreacting
22) stop being so rough
23) calm down…
24) raise YOUR hand in class
25) get organized!
26) why’d you do that…??? …. i don’t know….

… I’m sure I could go on and on….

shall I mention the various injuries I’ve obtained over the years due to lack of focusing on the environment around me? (trust some of the stories are down right hilarious.. but you can ask me later for those.. such as the time for 3 years straight I’d run into the SAME fire door in a hall… )

Bad knees, both damaged now
crappy back..lower
sprained both ankles… twice
broken wrist
smashed fingers and toes
chipped tooth
swollen jaw/cheek area
permanent scar on forehead
permanent tilted nail on my middle got super smushed
some weird bump on my hand.. hehe
rotator cuff shoulder major injury

rahhhhhhhhh no MORE PAIN hahah please

allllllllllllll this and I’m only NOW going to a counsellor at university to begin my assement for possible ADHD…

somebody tell me how I can explain everythgin in an advanced calculus class to everyother kid there… but generally fail my tests?…

OH the sheer frustration, shamefulness, embarassment, hurt, agonizing, torment, worried, anxiety, fear, no control, pain, interesting, impulsive, action filled ..(fill in appropriate adjectives here)

these ARE the DAYS OF OUR LIVES.. :o]

kiTT ! …. email if ya wanna!… I want some people who just might know what goes on im my brain to talk to for once. :o]