Martha’s ADD / ADHD Story

I am 55 now and always have been very “spaced out”. I always felt like I knew so much, but couldn’t always say it in a way that would make sense to other people. I really didn’t know anything about ADD until 1 and 1/2 years ago when my 17 year-old was diagnosed. He would always test very well on the standardized tests, but it would never show in good grades at school. His grades kept getting worse. Of course there is so much guilt that I should have sought help sooner, but the teachers always said that he would do well in life. I was never convinced because he never did assignments and his report card always said that he wasn’t working up to his potential.

But I had him tested on my own and had to pay for everything, but it was worth it. He has been on Adderall for one year and the change is amazing. He has improved his grades, and there were no missing assignments or “not working up to potential”. He even was the science student of the month at his high school. The medication has been a miracle cure for him.

When we were at the psychiatrist’s office, he asked which parent he inherited the condition from and then I realized I was the one. I desperately try to organize my life and probably spend half of my free time doing that. But I still have piles of papers that I want to save or do something with, but not sure what. I feel that I have not worked up to my potential, but I hope my son can.

I know that the psychiatrist said that it would not be too late for me to begin some medication, but I feel that I have been able to survive and will retire soon.. I am working as a home health nurse and it is very difficult for me to complete my assignment in 8 hours. I just don’t want to send my family to the nut-house.