The Grammie’s Story

Hey if you are reading this than you will appreciate what i’m about to say.. I’m the grandmother of two children with ADHD they are as different as night and day.. One is a boy Named Randy age 10 now in 4th grade. A handsome boy and i can see the desire in him to please.. however he struggles daily with anger and aggressive behaviors that are so unacceptable. he is constant trouble at school and he often being in detention or in-school suspension.. for his rude words and his outbursts of anger with what seems to be NO remorse.. he is violent at times and can really intimidate his little sister who is age 6. He has been inpatient in a phych hospital in New Haven CT at age 4 for trying to stab his mom and then infant sister with a fork. he said he hated that baby and would kill her and his mom then kill himself.. he did stab himself a number of times. with a fork and then attempted to hurt his sister by slapping her and kicked and bit his mother.

As a result of this behavior which was just the most recent event. he ended up in the hospital and has had 4 admissions after that all within a year or two.. He has not had an impatient admit since 1998 which is very good for him.. he takes 5 medications a day and came to live with me in 1999 after almost 3 years in foster homes. He was removed from the care of his mother and dad for their use and abuse of drugs and alcohol..Randy saw so much in such a short life. i ask myself how much of his current behavior is learned and how much is a direct result of his being born with cocaine in his system.. a sad start for an innocent child..he is so angry at his parents. understandable but he is trying and that is the beginning of recovery for him

.. i have hope for him..Now his sister age 6 the one mentioned above, also lives with us.. oh by the way I live in Tennessee now, Saralyn is so different. no anger no aggressiveness, but is quite bossy, but usually a sweet child and is socially accepted so much more than her brother because of her outgoing personality and her ability to fit in. she is a beautiful child and is caring and sensitive toward most people . she is forgiving and gentle too.. her adhd comes in play in school, in church and in most situations which require her to sit still or to be quiet for an extended period of time, it is so difficult for her.. she is bright and wants to read and to learn new things.. and if she is coaxed she can usually stick to a task for about 15 minutes.. maybe..

She is very active and never sad it seems.. she is stubborn and wants to get hew way, seems normal to me for a little girl.. The is not on medication at this time.. she takes the consequences of her behavior a lot better than her brother…as you can imagine. but there is life after adhd and these two beautiful kids are proof.. Please feel free to visit our web page and learn more about then.. and see their photos. thanks.. the grammie the web page thanks..