Steven’s Story

Here is my story.

My whole life was “rollercoaster” like if you know what I mean, Im at my highs and lows but 80% of the time is low which sucks:( Anyways I’ll just tell you guys what I remember from kkindergartentill now. In kindergarten I was a shy, crazy and annoying kid but I don’t remember it much. In grade 1 is where I truly remember important things, I was terrible in school, like C’s, D’s and even F’s, the teacher always yelled at me for my behaviour and lots of other things, I was class clown too which helped me to have about 7 friends and had a good birthday party. My parents hired a reading tutor for me at grade 1 because i still couldnt read at that time, I can now but I don’t understand what I read. But I always use to kinda bully some other kids like punch kick make fun get angry or whatever at them but at that time I didnt know i had ADHD and dyslexia which I found out I had them 1 month ago. I would get angry over the littlest things and argue with anybody too. At grade 2 I moved to Toronto(Canada) where I still live now. Anyways, totally new school, totally new place and totally different people.

School was bad as usual, I just plain sucked, D’s and C’s once again. I invited about 10 kids at my birthday party and ONLY ONE came. I had only 4 “true” friends and only 2 were from my street and the other 2 was school. Although I didnt meet the 2 kids who live in my street till 3rd grade. Anyways, the teachers didn’t really like me at this grade. Grade 3 was a more fun year, the teacher was better, not much homework more fun, lots of parties and field trips which made me happy to go to school every day at that grade. Friends were still limited but at least I didn’t have any. School marks sucked as usual.

Grade 4 was a crap year because of teacher, Lots of reading on this grade which sucked.

Grade 5…aaaahhhhhh:D that was a great school year. I was soooo smart at that year, I got B’s and A’s for once in my entire life(besides physical education)I even won 3rd place in the ontario mathematics contest. None of this would happen if it weren’t for my dad because this year he had alot of ! time staying home helping me with homework and stuff. Although I still didnt really pay attention, a little tooo hyper and often argued and gets angry.

Grade 6 was when we moved to an apartment instead of house which sucked, school was different and people were different. I did well, got A’s’and B’s but social was limited. I only had 2 “true” friends. Even though I got good grades I was back to my unhappy life. I was made fun of ALOT, not as much as before but alot.

Grade 7 was medium. Wasnt made fun of as much, grades were B’s and C’s. Still had same 2 friends and teacher was ok-ish as well. At the middle of Grade 7 my family moved to Ajax(a suburb of toronto). Well things went back to crap, My marks were in the C’s, D’s and F’s like grade 1. For the first time, everyone saw me as a reallllly dumb guy, I wasnt as hyper as before but I still fidgeted, didnt pay attention and so on.

But the one thing that made me look dumb was 1. Failing marks 2. Impulsivity(acting out before thinking 3. Fail or get mixed up when anyone gives me instructions 4. Mixed up with north, south, east, west, left and right)I invited a few friends to my birthday party and only 3 came. I was made fun of too:(.

So anyways that year I met a “friend” who happens to be ADD and nothing else but he got good marks. He treated me like the nicest guy in the world AND he treated me like hell at the same time. I would say he is mean most of the time because he abuses me like Im some kind of punching bag. He ALWAYS punchs, kicks or whatever at me and I HATE it. But he also gives me some free food he bought for himself and other stuff. If I “ditch” him he will tell the whole school about my stupidity and alot of others. So I was kinda forced to be with him, almost everyday he would call me and tell him to come and play with him at his house or my house. I rarely spend time alone which sucked. Anyways back to grade 8, this grade was just as bad as grade 7. Same school, same people and all the rest.

At this grade my “friend” introduced me to a “true” fr iend who doesnt abuse me or anything and lets me choose my decisions and not his unlike my other “friend” who doesnt let me do what I want or he will do something crazy about it. My other “friend” might ALSO have ODD or CD or something and doesnt know it which cause his abusinve behaviour. He still doesnt know it but I wouldnt tell him for some reason and I dont know why.

Anyways, grade 9. I was made fun even worse. My marks were passing just barely, at 55% was my average, I barely passed everything except Phys Ed. I failed art. Anways, here is where it hit big. I found out I had ADHD and Dyslexia 4 days before the end of school, right where the exams started. My whole life was literally a question mark till now. I even found out that I was smart since I got an IQ score of 129:). I just thought I was a dumb loser. But all that has been opened up thanks to a good classmate of mine who had ADD and told me about it, It fit me pretty well and I told my mom about it. So we set up an appointment and voila, ADHD and Dyslexia. I told my “true” frien d and my other “friend” about this and my IQ test score, they did believe me on ADHD and Dyslexia but they did not believe that my IQ was 129. I just ignored them because they didnt understand too well. They dont even know the real me, neither do my parents.

I would say that nobody knows me, I dont even know much of myself . All I know is that I adore cars and computers. I am like…a car encyclopedia, ask me a question about cars and I’ll just give you a right answer without any guesses. Alot of people see me in the bad side or the “low” side, I still feel like Im left out because only 5 people(incuding mom, dad and sister) know i have ADHD and Dyslexia, and they dont even know it that well. I would should say that they should understand more about it, after my diagnoses they just went on without doing anything. They tell me to do this and that like always as if they forgot I had ADHD and dyslexia. I always forget, I always get mixed up when someone gives me instructions, I screw up with left and right till this day and my parents are giving me orders or things to do that I get mixed up with these things and they get upset about it. I still feel the whole world is agaisnt me even when I take my ritalin when I calm down a bit.