Deborah’s Story

I too have really bad memories of school and even the parents and the school kids. We moved a lot when I was growing up so that was hard too, I never had friends or even any memories of friends. I had such trouble learning everything and being made fun of on a daily basis in front of the class and by the kids on even the play ground. I never knew what was wrong with me I just knew everything I tried to do or no matter how hard I tried to do, I just made life for myself harder. My only relief was I could draw and paint.

I also turned to any animals for friendship and love. No matter if it was a field mouse they became my world. Even my family including mother seamed to hate me and of course punish me for not trying hard enough or for not sitting still or paying enough attention. I was the odd one with my siblings and the easiest to pick on since I had no self esteem or even the courage to fight back, I learned to just take it and even expect it. I was a disappointment to anyone I encountered.

In school and high school I found ways to learn by listening to other kids or by having someone read or even do my homework. I don’t know how I passed the grades but I did. I did all the art work in high school for any event which got me out of most classes. I think now some of my teachers just wanted me out of the class because I was such a disturbance to everyone, blurting out what I tried not to say or not being able to stay seated, etc., IM sure I had or have learning disabilities as well and it has affected my speech. Some of which is caused by no self esteem. My thoughts are too fast for my brain to get to my mouth I can never say what I want in the most important moments. After I know someone