Renee’s Story

At last, I’m not alone in this world. I had no idea what was wrong with me in my younger days, was constantly being told I wasn’t trying hard enough, when I did everything in my power to make good grades.

This was all my life, until I had children and when I seen my daughter struggling the same way I did, then I realized after her diagnosis this was where she got this ADD from, me. So I am on Adderall, and its working some days, better than others, having a hard time with depression, mood swings, and I am attending college now, and its not easy, but I am determined to not give up, and get the education I deserve that I missed out many years ago.I too slipped through the cracks at school, and passed to the other grades just so the teacher felt like they did their job I suppose.

I can relate to so many of you all, I’ve had a couple failed marriages, many different jobs, and I’m trying to put all the pieces of my life together,and still learning how to cope with this ADD.I am thankful for finding out finally what has been going on with me, all my life, at least now I can focus on trying to make living with ADD easier.And teach my kids how to live with this and for them to not be ashamed of this disorder.

I am thankful for my beautiful family, and my recently new husband, whom we suspect has ADD also, so we are going to learn how to get through this together, and live, learn and laugh for all the days of our lives……….

Thanks for sharing with me………