Amber’s Story

Hi, I’m amber, I’m 16 years old and have been living with ADD all of my life. When I was in first grade. My parents started to realize that I wasn’t what you might call a “normal” child. I was really hyper and I could never stay on task.

A few weeks into the school year my parents took me to see my doctor. He told my parents I had “Attention Deficit Disorder,” and so he put me on ritalin. I hated the pill because It would make me feel really sick. I naver wanted to eat and I felt sad all the time. Although I was having problems I still did very well in school, so my parents thought I would learn to cope with it. But it didn’t, eventually it bot so bad that my doctor took me off the medication in third grade. So after I read an article in the local newspaper about how ritalin was bad for you.

I stayed off any medication for about four years, then in about the middle of my 7th year of school, my new doctor perscribed Adderall. I thought it was just as bad as my other medication but I took it anyway.

Then I started high school, my family moved to a different town and I started fresh. I met new friends who had bigger problems than me and I began to grow up a little. I’d help my friends and they would help me. For the first time in my life I felt like I fit in. Everyone was so kind to me. I started developing a new sense of maturity. I felt like I could go off my meds.

I talked with my family and about a month after our first term, I was off my medication. I felt like a huge blanket had been pulled off me and now i could see clearer and I made better decisions. I was happy all of the time. I met a new boyfriend and nothing could have been better.

Around february of last year, my boyfriend broke up with me and I was absolutely devastated. It felt like my whole world came crashing down. I went back on my meds.

Now, I’m happily single and off my meds I’m passing classes again and things are running smooth. My ex a I are still great friends. I have never been so happy.