Jane’s Story

About one and a half years ago when i was 15 i was diagnosed with ADD. This however did not come as a shock to me as both my brothers and father suffer from the disorder. come to think of it i cant remember a time when there hasn’t been a container of Ritalin in the Kitchen.. I however did not realise what i was getting myself into. My parents never forced me into medication and if i wanted to i could come off. things seemed ok for the few weeks then everything went down hill from there..i went from the happy excitable popular teenage girl to the depressed moody and anxious wreck that every one liked to comment on. my weight dropped to around 55 kilos, which is not normal for a 5,10 foot person.. i went to my doctor and asked for help, which you should all do if you ever have problems. he changed me to Concerta, i experimented with it and everything seemed to be good, i focused in class, i ate a little more and i actually smiled and laughed.

This lasted for about 6 months, now i’m back to square one, i have feelings of anxiety im depressed, i cant sleep and i get extremely angry at the people i love.

so i did what you should do, i told my parents and my doctor. and there first reaction was of course, “i think you would benefit from zoloft” – an antidepressant and anxiety pill… This seems absolutely crazy to me. and in addition to this my friends and teachers have not been supportive of me and come to think of it never have.

I’m not embarrassed by my ADD and know one ever should be, it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you as a person. if i ever show excitement or happiness around my friends they would make jokes like “haha oh J you didn’t take you medication this morning did did you?” Now this was fine until my anxiety and sadness came along, i even had one girl tell me that i was lying about taking medication because i wanted attention.

Things lately have really started to look up, 🙂 i rearranged my dosage and i dont feel so sad and anxious anymore. I just wanted to tell you that Medication ontop of medication is not always the answer.. sometimes you just have to work through the hard times.. because just like “normal people” (who i believe are just more boring than us Adders.. lol )we have ups and downs and only you can get yourself back up….