Melissa’s Story

Hello Ya’ll!

I was reading all the other ADD stories and just had to add mine in…. it is unbelievable how much ADD has effected my entire life!
I was sent by my parents to a counselor about a year and a half ago because I had really just given up. I was 22 years old and barely passing college… you wouldn’t believe how hard I was trying too!! I would study for hours and end up with a D on an exam. This had happened so many times that I was emotionally exhausted.

My parents were not understanding and called me lazy and unmotivated.The sad thing is, these names really weren’t new to me, I have heard them my entire life! I felt like all my efforts were worthless,and I knew something wasn’t quite right. Also, I was in some credit card debt and having alot of difficulty in relationships. During that time I felt like my life was an escalator, I just kept climbing and climbing but could never reach the top.

After some really extensive testing, my Dr. finally diagnosed me with ADD. I had always thought that ADD was for little boys who are hyper and can’t sit still, but after researching it further, I realized all the ways it can present itself. I wasnt hyperactive, I was a “day dreamer” and couldn’t stay focused. This is also why I think that girls are underdiagnosed, because they show different ADD traits than society is aware of.

Anyways, this diagnosis has changed my life. I feel like i finally “get it” and am able to use my positive ADD traits like sense of humor and high energy to my advantage. Also, I have learned how to manage my weaknesses… I do this by doing projects in small sections and by keeping to do lists. Also, medication has had a HUGE impact. I have to say that now I am proud to have ADD, I feel like it makes me who I am, even if that is a bit of a “Space Cadet”- I’m okay with that! =)