Steve’s Story

I am a nearly 50 year old male who is struggling with ADD. I was recently given a copy of “Driven to Distraction” by a friend. After reading several chapters I felt like Moses must have after being tossed the Ten Commandments! I recognized so many of my characteristics with those of adults with ADD.I was stunned and more importantly relieved.

I have been thru a lot of stress in the past five years. After being married for 15 years I came out as a gay man to myself, my family and finally my wife. This led to a divorce. At the same time I was burned out of my business. I have since met a lovely man and bought a house together. New relationships and home buying ,while being stimulating and exciting, can be quite stressful too.

I don’t know if stress can accelerate symptoms of ADD, but mine has seemed to become much worse lately. Extreme distractibility, poor self esteem, lack of organization, procrastination,and lists. Lists everywhere.And always loosing them!

To this point I am primarily self diagnosed. I am nervous (procrastinating?)about getting properly diagnosed and even more nervous about medications. I don’t like the thought of taking them. Admitting that I’m “sick”. But I know I need to confront my situation. I know I drive my partner crazy at times and the affects of ADD on my business can be measured in dollars.

I’m glad I found this forum to share my thoughts with all of you. Thank you for sharing your experiences also. I am anxious to learn as much as I can. I don’t want to screw up this wonderful relationship. I also want to maximize my potential at work.