Colin’s Story

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a young child at the age of fifteen or so. I moved around about every four years and had to start over since my dad was in the military growing up. I was disruptive in class and always seemed to have problems making friends when I was in my grade school years. I would get into fights constantly and cry myself to sleep over algebra at night. My parents and teachers thought I was stupid because they didnt understand what I was going through. I was always a good student in English, but my problems with math still follow me to this day.

High school was a big struggle and I didnt understand why I was there. The girls were cute and I made it through smoking cigarettes and other things usually sleeping in class. At the time I was on about 4 ritalin a day prescribed by a doctor. After getting kicked out I managed to pass somehow after transferring to another school.

I went away to community college for about three years trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life until tranferring to a state college and spending 3 more years there.

Ive always been able to find a problem with every one of my relationships and have ruined them and hurt many. Now 28 and newly in the work world, I realize that I need to get some help. Although Im attaining my career goals, I get extremely bored at the present job and move on to another and my social life is non existant. It has been 2 years now and I havent been able to find anything close to a relationship because Im afraid I wont be able to balance one with work.

After reading some of the other stories I realize I am not alone, but it still seems as if I am day after day.