Greta’s Story

Often, I find myself scanning the stories on the site in search of confirmation that I am not what my husband thinks I am: lazy and uncaring and neglectful. I have been this way, always: constitutionally unable to finish the most mundane tasks within a reasonable timeframe, similarly unable to balance outside obligations with everyday chores and work assignments, PITIFULLY unable to perform the simplest requirements to keep my household running smoothly. My husband knows I have ADD. He knows, and cares, and occasionally defers to the fact. But the problem with having ADD is that it is an invisible disorder that affects people who are otherwise very smart and creative and totally unlike other “disabled” people. So my husband forgets.

And I just come across as lazy and uncaring and neglectful. And like so many of the rest of you, I am not those things. I, too, lie awake at night, thinking about things that need to be done, promising myself that I will do them the next day, and, then, of course, not meeting that goal. Will I lose my husband? No, I don’t think so. But I AM losing time. My goals are so simple. I want a clean house. I want to be organized. I want to feel that i am more than just a creative brain trapped inside an uncooperatively sluggish body. Is that too much to ask? I hope not