Carol’s Story

I am a 31 year old SAHM to 4 children. I have known all my life about ADHD. I was diagnosed as a child and on Ritalin for awhile. I have heard people say that ADD is a “gift”. I am trying to look at it that way and stay off meds. I took Strattera for 1 week and felt terrible! All I could do was sleep. I strongly recommend the book “Healing ADD” by Dr. Daniel G. Amen. It really made me realize why I do the things I do.

I have had jobs before and I did alright with them. The job that I did the best with was fast food. Wendy’s. I realize that the reason I did good there was because I knew that certain things had to be done by a certain time. So I have made a chart for me and my children. There is a specific time to do certain chores. This has really helped alot. I believe that my son has ADHD. His teacher does not think so. He is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at school and home. I think he is different at school because there is structure. At home there was no structure. The best advice I can give you all is get in a routine! Structure! Structure and routine are everything! That has made a huge difference in our home life!