Bill’s Story

Where do I start? I guess I have to start from the beginning. There was a big explosion and the Universe was created. Ok I guess that isn’t the beginning you we’re looking for.

For most of my time growing up I was in programs or studies. In elementary school they’d give you packets of dittos to do, most kids would be done with them, I’d have to take them home to finish them. Teachers would say I’m off in another world.

By the time I was in 4th grade I had teacher that read an article an my name cross her mind. But it was Dysgraphia not A.D.D. So the following year I was in special ed.

There did fix the problem. Teaches found something else and so did my mom. So the doctor diagnosed me with A.D.D. I was on ritalin and with 10 logic I thought I was cured. So I went off of it. The only thing is I didn’t know I had A.D.D. They told me but I couldn’t remember what it was called.

So I went through special ed until high school when I was mostly mainstreamed accept for english. Graduated high school, got my eagle scout, and started college.

A.D.D. came to bite me back. 7 years of college, 4 years at a Jr. College and 3 years at 4 year college. I changed majors twice at Jr. college but I made it with a A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems and a B.S. in Info Tech.

Then things got carried over to the working world. Couldn’t hold a job for long in my field and I bounced around between jobs. Until finally from the suggestion from a friend I went to see a psychologist and I told him I have A.D.D. So I’m back on ritalin and have been working for the same company for over 2 years.