Chris’s ADD / ADHD Story

Realizing the problem is the first step towards confronting it.

As a child, I used to get report card after report card saying “Can’t keep his mind on his task… day dreams alot”. I often lived in my own little world…. more so than the real world, which alienated me as a child because I had nothing really relevant to say. Insomnia, started to surface.

As a teenager, I developed tunnel vision. As with everyone with ADD, I couldn’t really stay in tune with conversations. When someone would say “No, Chris.. this is a bad idea” it’s not because I wouldn’t hear them, or because I didn’t understand them… it just never sunk in, because by the time that person responded to my comment, my head was already on the next thought. Insomnia got steadily worse

I lived a lot of my life in seclusion, and got myself into really bad financial stability because I couldn’t hold a job that required concentration… I only felt comfortable in jobs that my mind could wander freely. Sleeping pills proved ineffective, as I still would wind up with at least 2 sleepless nights per week. I realized I type a heck of alot faster than I read.

I joined a PAPD (Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder) site, and soon realized that was not the problem… my inability to focus on one thing at a time is the root to all my problems.

So far herbal treatments are going well… For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to think somewhat clearly and interact without making myself look foolish. My self confidence is higher than it’s ever been… and my nights have been a lot more rested. There is hope!