Joyce’s Story

I knew when I was in elementry school I was in LD classes and in high school.I was shy and always drawled away from others because I was made fun of alot.I dropped out because in the 10th grade I couldn’t handle it. My home situation wasn’t very good and I ended up at 17 moving to one place to the next.I always thought positive and knew there is an answer for everything and never gave up on being a nurse.

Later at the age of 35 I found out I was ADHD,I was very frustrated because I was blaming my parents because they knew I had this but never gave me the attention I needed to get by in my life as I got older.
My doctor put me on medication,and it was a new world for me.I’m in college and living my dream and doing the best I can.So far so good! I had one job after the next and hoping now that I’m getting the help I need,life will get better. Don’t give up,and always think positive.