Kate’s Story

Hi there,

The stories on this site are inspirational and I wanted to share my own in the hopes that it will help someone else with ADD. Following several misdiagnoses, I actually just found out I have ADD last week, ironically about a month before I will (hopefully) finish my 11th and final year of university.

I’ve been called lazy and disorganized more than I care to remember, and school has always been a struggle for me, especially writing papers. When I actually get down to writing them, they seems to take three times as long as they should. My parents have an enormous amount of patience and were able to coach me through most of my years of school. However, taking Law combined with a Masters degree where 30 to 60 page papers are the norm exacerbated these problems to the point where I didn’t think I’d be able to get through.

Relationships have always been troublesome for me as well, as I tend to be stubborn and argumentative, and don’t listen well, or remember what I’ve heard. Luckily I’ve met a wonderful guy who has stood by me through all the difficulties I’ve faced in the last few years. He provides me with the structure I need to keep appointments, and ensure that my keys and bank cards stay where they belong. I just hope he doesn’t get lost amidst my chaos and is able to meet his own hopes and dreams.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I’ve started taking strattera and am hopeful that; armed with the knowledge of what I have been facing all these years; the next era in my life will provide the stability, happiness and opportunities for success that I’ve been looking for.

The challenge for me is going to be learning to look at my ADD as the gift that it is. The best advice I can give others is that if you have a goal, stick with it, your vision and creativity will see you through, and don\’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

Best wishes,