Amy’s Story

I am 42 and was recently diagnosed with full blown ADD when my 15 year old son was diagnosed with it. ADD almost ruined my life. My parents emotionally abused me; I had peer problems and I was very attractive and so I was always so confused about why no one seemed to “like” me. I married young and to someone who is emotionally abusive and mentally cruel to me. I felt trapped in this because of having three children. I never loved my husband. He is cruel beyond belief. BUT I never thought I could leave him because I have quit every job I have ever had and I could never FOCUS. My negative thoughts were constantly torturing me. I felt trapped, depressed, almost suicidal.

Something was “wrong” with my brain and I could never understand how most people seemed to “cope,” and I couldn’t. THEN, my doctor put me on 15 mg on ADDERALL three times daily and finally, I could think straight for the first time in my life. I could live in the moment, and have one thought at a time. I am no longer paralyzed by fear, feelings of inadequacy and depression. I became NORMAL. I asked my husband of 17 years to leave because all of a sudden, I could think clearly and knew that the time had come. I became more afraid to stay in the relationship than to get out of it. I have confidence in my abilities to take care of MYSELF for the first time in my life.

Adderall changed my life in such a profound way that I am almost doing cartwheels down the street out of sheer happiness. I feel that I have been let out of a “mind” prison. Thank the Lord for ADDERALL. I will be on it for the rest of my life. I am calm, collected and think of the moment I’m in and don’t “torture” myself with negative thoughts of failure, ineptness and total fear of not being able to be on my own. It’s a complete miracle. For the first time in my life I am OK. AND, guess what? I am still a beautiful woman and know that I will find true love some day with someone who appreciates my loving spirit. (looks do help I will say). Thanks for listening. Adderall is a miracle for me.