Laura’s Story

I just wanted to say that the newest batch of ADD Stories been so helpful. There are so many websites on ADD/ADHD that confuse the issue for adults. They talk about loosing your keys, or all of this energy that I have certainly never seen. Reading these stories have for the first time made me understand that I am not alone. I self diagnosed in May of 2004, I was at the library and thought I would investigate what was wrong with me… I knew I could not retain any information but I did not know what ADD was.

I had always joked around and said “I have Adult ADD” Ha Ha. Not so funny. I had, for YEARS (All of my life) thought that I had a character flaw or some underling psychotic disorder. I checked out You Mean I’m Not Crazy, Lazy, or Stupid. I was actually in shock I think. For the first time in 39 painfull, unstable, lonely years I had an answer. I sucked up every bit of information I could about the subject and long story (many long stories short) I have an appointment in two days with an Adult ADD specialist. It is just in time, because had I not found out about this I would have mabye tried or been optimistic one more time and failed…but I know it would have been the last. I have never been suicidal ever and don’t ever want to be. I love life, which is amazing after all I have been through. I just need the hope that It can be fixed. Thanks for being here.