Dana’s Story

I am 21 years old and had been diagnosed with ADD when I was around 5 years old. At that time the doctors wanted me to take medication, but being the stubborn person that I am I refused to take anything. I was good in school and played in school sports and participated in dancing, and other extracurriculars. Yet, it was hard for me to concentrate when it came to doing homework, and also paying attention in class and in conversations. I still have some problems with that to this day. Sometimes I feel like I can understand other people, because my brain processes things at a slower rate then other people.

When I moved from my home town I started taking Concerta, which helped me with my attention problems and made me feel more “normal” around other people. Before the medication my family and teachers had thought that I was acting stupid just to get attention adn would purposly forget things to make my family angry. There was one time when I had to go back to my school 11 times because each time I forgot something.

My mother got so mad at me that she yelled at me. I was never good with math and would get frustrated with it very easily. What takes a normal person one day to learn something, takes me three days. When people talk to me or give me specific directions, they have to break the sentences down to simpler terms so that I can understand them. Not many people have that patients for something and it makes them feel uncomfortable around me.

I also have trouble socializing with people around me. I am what one would consider a loner. I don’t mind doing things on my own but at times I wish there was someone there with me. Not only that, but I have trouble socializing around boys which makes it even harder for me to have the courage to look them in the eye. I don’t have that many friends. Usually a 20 year old would be out and going places all the time. I just either sit at home and watch tv or go to school and do my homework.

I always thought that I was never good at anything, but when I moved I had realized that I had a talent in Art and am currently enrolled at Parsons School of Design. I know that I am good in art but they give so much work that it is hard for me to determine what homework is more important to do first. I am currently seeing a therapist to help me with my social problems but I am going to start to see an ADD coach to help me get my life in order.