Apple’s Story

im a 13 year old girl i go to a catholic school and i have just been diagnosed with ADD. this all started when i was in kindergarten. The teachers thought i was out of control because i never focus and i NEVER listened to what the teachers had to say. the school put me on these tokens (i never really understood the tokens). every time i was “not acting the way a mature kindergartener should act” they would send me to the office. AND THAT DIDNT FASE ME ONE BIT. the year ended and i went on to 1st grade.

and my teacher was the meanest teacher ever. every time i would forget to get something signed, do my homework, or if i did half of my homework she would yell at me, take away my recess, or make me run 3 laps around the track (it was a very big track). the teacher called my mom and said i was “not applying myself” “she smart but she is lazy and not doing her work”. my partents were very worried they really weren’t sure what to do, they though being punished might get me put of this “rebellious” faze.

when my report card came it was B’s and C’s and i think one A. the year ended and i moved on to 2nd grade. well that year was just the same as the first “smart but not applying”.

i started to have trouble with my friends fights and stuff like that. unlike the teachers in the past i liked this one and she was really nice. she thought i was “smart but has a difficulty paying attention”. she called my mom and told her about my “attention problem”. my mom though i would get over it (like she did before)my dad gave me a long “your are very smart but you are not tring hard enough” lectures. the year ended with B’S and C’S.

during the summer i moved to a new house,in a new place,with a new school. AMAZINGLY I DID GOOD in 3rd grade but i was new and had no friends and i had really nothing to do so i paid attention in class. i also felt like an outcast and felt like i was “a fruit loop in a world of cheerios” different and standing out. i was also bullied in 3rd grade. near the end of the year i finally made some friends.

time went on and that year slowly ended (thank god). in 4th grade i was a very popular girl,i was down to earth,very outgoing, and really funny. my teacher that year was very nice i really like her ALOT. i did really good in class to but i did go into my oun world and daydream and so on. but that year i had friends and i didnt feel like an outsider.

i satrted to do bad in school in the 3 quarter of the year. i was getting bad grades even when i tries the information just didnt stick in my head. then the lying came along, when i got a bad grade i didnt want to get in trouble with my parents so i lied about the grade for instance “i didnt get the test back yet” “i got a 90” “i forgot what i got on the test” and so one making it look like i was a strait A child.

in 4th grade at the end of the week i would get a floder with all my grades from that week in it, well we didnt have to get the papers signed we just had to show them the tests,quizs, and classwork etc. well i showed them the papers but ONLY THE GOOD PAPERS. or i just didnt show it to them at all i just threw the papers away good and bad. the thing i didnt understand was that i TRIED but it just didnt show up on the report card. well fastly that year ended with all B’s and one A report card.

as most people know 5th grade is like the preparation for jr. high, and is for most people very hard. the year started out good with average grades. well those grades didnt last very long because the classwork,tests,quizzes,studying, and other stuff got really hard. it didnt interest me but i still studied and tried. that year i started to become a “slave to fashion” i got my hair cut and colored and started to shop at american eagle, and became sort of boy crazy(from then on i had a new crush every year)when all this started to happen i became a little more social and started not to care about my grades the way i should. then all heck broke lose. my lies got bigger and bigger and my grades got worse and worse. when final exams came by my parents found out about my lies and that hurt the worst losing my parents trust and all the negative names that i was called.

i wanted to get the gun out of the hall way closet and shot my self, but i didnt want to do that to my parents because i really love them and i know it would be hard on them and i didnt want to go to hell for doing it so i kept on living but i was yelled at for like 3 days strait(for lying and fordging). i was being told the same things over and over again “you just dont care” and “how are you going to make it in life with your grades and lies”. but mostly the worst part was losing my parents TRUST.

my mom and dad were very upset. when they yelled at me i DIDNT SHOW ANY EMOTION,that was their idea of “not careing”. from then on i had a VERY LOW SELF ESTEEM.when report cards came in i had C’s,B’s,and i think an A . my parents were mad but they were glad i passed.

when 6th grade started i wanted to be a strait A student, that never happened. i did good for part of the year getting B’s, A’s on my report card. and again the work got harder and harder, i couldnt really concentrate,i got headaches a lot from focusing to hard. i would get in trouble with my teachers for daydreaming, not following along, and talking.

i started getting really bad grades and again started lying and forging .my parents called the school and said that i have been forging and to check all they things they signed or i forged. my parents were so mad i lost all my privileges like AIM, cell phone, ipod, t.v., and computer. and yes i became a “blob”. my life seemed like a living,breathing heck. and for the second year in a row i sild by in school.

in 7th grade was the worst year ever! i started out in school bad. i had ups and downs with grades. and i COULD NOT PAY ATTENTION, i didnt like what i was learning but i still studied it. and i got a F in math. but my parents didnt now it because i started to lie again. my parents were MORE UPSET THAN BEFORE, this time i just didnt lose my AIM,cell phone,computer,ipod, and tv! i was under HOUSE ARREST, i had no social life, no electronics,and no phone!

i got really depressed and my grades sort of got worse,but as always i LIED. my mom noticed that i wasnt getting any better at school but yet, getting worse. she took me off house arest and gave me all my privileges back. and she said “its your grades,not mines im gotta stop caring about your grades, and let you take care of them”. and i tried to make a difference, but i simply could not comcentrait i daydreamed and zoned out and BLANKED OUT ON TESTS. i knew the information but it just wouldnt stay in my head.

on my birthday my loud mouth friend asked “hey did you get you test turned in?” of course i didnt i totally blanked out about it. well, when my friend said that my mom was standing right next to her. she was mad. durning my party she called me into my parents room and i was yelled at, i was hurt but i kept my feelings in. i finally went back down to my party. the next day my mom started to look up info on ADD, she made me take this quiz to see if i have ADD, sure enough i had everything check off.

it was very clear that i have ADD. my mom made an appointment with a neurologist. and on march 27 i was diagnosed with ADD. im on concerta now and i feel great i can concentrate better and i dont daydream or zone out anymore. i am able to focus on my homework and get it all done for the first time in my life. the only down of concern is that i have a hard time going to sleep at night, but other than that i feel great and normal.