Jessica’s Story

Hey…I have been reading the stories on this site and it has helped me and also made me cry tears of joy that I am not alone…I wanted to write a little bit about me but it will sound the same as most of these on here.

I am 23 years old and just diagnosed with ADD I have had this problem my whole life…Looking back at young age I was always in trouble clean your room, get up for school take a shower, and always late…I probably had the most notes wrote for being late any 4th grader could have. I got in trouble for day dreaming and told I might have a hearing problem…I got tested for that nope not that! Then I had a tudor in 5th grade to help with of course reading and math! I still hate to read. Those are just some things growing up I had to deal with…Then starting college I was in 050 classes that means you did not do so great on what you guessed it the ACT!

I am a very smart person I work as a nurse made it through to get my LPN and going back to get my RN that is when I realized that I had ADD. I did not learn it in class nothing like that. My dad came to me, and we are not close at all seem him sometimes through the year more so now that I am older, but he says to me he has ADD and my brother has just been diagnosed with ADD and he is on medication. I thought huh that runs in families maybe I have that looked it up and read stuff on here and I was in tears thinking oh my gosh I found out what is wrong with me…I go to the doctor to find out yes I have it probably and that he did not want to treat it just yet…So That brings me to today! I finally got put on medication and I will have to write another story after I start taking it, that being tomorrow!

About my life right now! I failed my third semester of RN school and was really upset and hoping this medication helps me!

I sit here writing this story to maybe help someone else realize that they are not alone and my apartment is a wreck! I have been told I was lazy my whole life keep in mind! But my apt is messy and not just any kind of messy I have used all the dishes till I have no more to dirty up…My washer has close that might have mold on it by now they have sat there so long and clothes in about two or three laundry baskets clean but all wadded up in the basket! I have a cat who has two litter boxes bec I am not the best at getting it clean! my counters are crazy…

I have calendars out everywhere my bank account sits at -66 as I call my mom to once again come to the rescue! And My bath room dirty clothes all over the floor and counter top has makeup toilet paper off the roll, and hair dryer in the floor that never comes unplugged…now to me it is really organized to me anyways I know where the hair dryer is i know where the clean clothes are I know where I put the food up and my important papers you would not believe where I keep them. Lets just say I am a mess! I will say I can’t help it! my goal for today was to clean this place up do the rest of laundry and clean and vacuum and get organized and well lets just say all I have done is go to the doctor get my medication that I start tomorrow for ADD and I had to get on here and write this and I put money in the bank and I remembered to eat…A lot of them time I forget to eat believe that or not! When I get home I will be on my cell phone…I drive better on my cell phone then off because it causes me to focus more on driving…

I always say I can’t find my keys if I have went into school or store and always looking frantically for them and my friends think I am crazy like Jess they are in your purse just look for them. I always lose my car at walmart and call my mom on the phone freaking out…and in conversation much like this story I jump from topic to topic…I have many more symptoms and crazy stories I can tell but I hope just this much has helped at least one person and I have done my job…thanks for everyone that has wrote stories on here helps more then you know!

I said I was a nurse I am always the last one to leave and I am always like why can’t i finish but I take care of my patients first then I do my charts! I get off around 730pm and I won’t leave till 9-10 at night because I can’t even focus to do the charting and when everyone is charting during the day I am making my second third trip back to a patients room because I have forgot something! It really has been hard but I how everything has turned out and hope to make it through school and go on to be a nurse practitioner and of course that is me setting really high goals but I hope this time to achieve something and change my life.