Melinda’s Story

Wow, I am overwhelmed right now. I have often thought I was like the ever-ready bunny, with my batteries running out.

I didn’t realize there was anything wrong with me until I went to a counselor for my daughter. At that time, I had to fill out a survey on her behalf trying to rule out ADD. As I went down the list, 20 of the 25 symptoms sounded exactly like me, and not her ( if anything, she is the opposite of me). I put it aside and never paid much attention to that survey or ADD ( pretty typical of my behavior in every aspect of my life).

I am now thinking I need help. Just like the rest of these stories, I cant ever find my keys, have no clue where I put anything, can’t remember the day of the week, can’t remember simple tasks. Wait till the last minute to pay any bill, even though I have money. Probably fork out an extra 100 bucks a month in late payments. I am totally disorganized, to the point of making a list and not remembering where I put it. Going to the grocery store, stocking up on food, and it ends up rotting, because I forgot I had it. I am a mess!

I feel sorry for my kids, for example: my daughter has asked me over and over to call the orthodontist for braces, and over and over I forget to call. By the time I remember to call it’s the weekend, or after hours. How can someone forget such a simple task that takes 1 minute?
I have been often called an airhead, and I am very smart. But while having a conversation with someone, I tune out in 2.2 seconds if I don’t find what they are saying to be interesting.

Well, I think I am going to have to research this, and find out ways to get some help. I am very happy to have stumbled upon this site.