Dovid’s Story

Shalom my name is Dovid. I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at the age of 29.
I struggled through primary, secondary and post-secondary education. At the time of my diagnosis I had already attended college for a few years. I was taking a A & P class, that’s Anatomy & Physiology for those who don’t know. While in class I noticed myself tapping my foot and thumbing my fingers on my desk. It was like I had a song in my head and it wouldn’t go away.

My professor even yelled at me to knock it off during class several times that day. Of course when I went through primary school AD/HD was not known then as it is known nowaday. I struggled through high school and of course most of college. I am taking courses to become a RN and if I’m accepted into the school I will receive my BSN in three years or so. At my age the RN is a waste of time. I finally was placed on the proper medication and have done extremely well in college. I am learning how to retrain my brain.
Since I was diagnosed late in life I do not have a lot of the atypical problems that other people with AD/HD have. I do not loose my keys, wallet, or misplace important papers, or pay my bills late.

I will admit that I often left my car keys locked in the car. Then taking advice from a friend I started using a carbiner, you know one of the hooks that mountain climbers use. I just clip it onto my belt loop on mypants and off I go.

Since then I have never lost my keys or locked them in the car. I still have difficulties with procrastination, organisation, and the like but I continue to work on a daily basis to improve upon them. I was never a kid in school who jumped around climbed onto desk like I’ve seen some kids do. I was a quiet, kept to myself and spent numerous hours attempting to complete my homework. I have always known what I wanted to due when I grew up. I wanted to become and still do today a cardio-thoraic surgeon. I have looked at post-bac. programs and will move on from there when I get my BSN.

A little “life experience” advice read books on ADD. The one mentioned on this website “Finding Your Focus” is an excellent reader for people with ADD. In a round about way I’m promoting the book. Of course I have read it a few times. If children don’t apply to you like they don’t apply to me skip those parts of the books you read. No use in wasting your time on information that doesn’t apply to you.

In conclusion, keep working on the aspects of life that are difficult for you and seek professional help/advice/counseling for those aspects in your life that need help.
P.S. For the person with the dirty apartment do what I did hire a MAID.