Amy’s Story

I’m 18, and i was diagnosed with add over a year ago. i had went to the doctor because i was wrecking my car constantly and i was having trouble in school..which had always been a problem. i had totalled one car by not turning at a curb, hit a car not paying attention at a stop light, running late to school hit a parked car, hit my garage door running late,….the list could go on. it was then that i realized how much i constantly didn’t pay attention and how often i run late to anywhere i go..then become more stressed because i’m so unorganized. always feeling lost and having to ask questions over and over has always been really embarrassing.

i remember being younger always wondering how people caught on so fast to things, and how come it took me so long just to sorta understand something. it was so frustrating, and i always wondered what was wrong with me. when i was diagnosed, i think i didn’t want to believe i actually had add, and i was just taking a medication to help me do better. it just felt like i should be ashamed for having add..i still only tell the people i’m close to.
i got put on adderall 10mg 3 times daily. it has been amazing in so many ways. it has also had it’s set backs.

the positives are i make way better grades, i feel more accepted by society, i’m not scared of learning new tasks, i’m better at time management, and learning becomes so much fun to me….not on the meds i feel like daydreaming, writing, or counting seconds by, anything to pass time. the set back to me is that adderall is a stimulant, so it wears off after 4 to 6 hours….it also makes me feel anxious at times when coming off, the worst is at times i can’t sleep. i only like taking it when i have to though, because it dramatically changes my personality.

it at times can be confusing. overall though, adderall has made me life so much easier and i feel way more positive and confident. one major benefit is that i went from failing algebra 2 twice in hs to making a A once i began taking adderall. i also started at a community collage this summer and made a high B in my math class. school has always been a struggle, and now it comes so easily, it is seriously crazy to me how much my life has changed. being able to take interests in things and actually stick with it is such an amazing feeling to me.