Sabina’s Story

Hello everybody, just want to share my story with understanding people. I have ADD who was recently diagnosed and that suddenly made everything clear for me. When I was growing up I was a very intelligent child who learn to read at age three and was first place in school. This suddenly changed when I encountered new teachers that thought something was really wrong with me ’cause I could not pay attention, sit still and I asked too many questions. At this point, I was still on top of my class but slipping slowly and my parents were called by the principal continously. They did not know what to do, because I had a lot of disciplinary problems, did not complete my homework but managed to pass.

By the time I was in high school I was a mediocre student (who excelled in the subjects she liked) who just managed to get mostly Cs and Bs and a couple of As. Fastforward to the future I somehow managed to enter the best university in my country; I did badly the first two years (which are general studies) but excelled in my major. After that, I managed to get a post-graduate degree in another country, a masters in the States and I am working on my doctorate in the top university in the UK (all of these degrees in the subject I loved).

I always had problems concentrating, could NEVER had a notebook (I had to either pay attention to the professor or write), I am the most disorganized person, day dreamer, easily distracted, many times late and a pathological procastinator. Now, that I am working on my dissertation it is when I desperatly need help because an Ivy Leage equivalent school is extremely demanding. Now that I am in the final segment of an academic race I have doubts and problems to get done, to start some tasks and to finish pending issues.

I recently got married, and I am very lucky that my husband is very understanding, he is VERY organized and kind of a control freak which is a blessing for a person like me. He likes to be in charge of household things, he is the most effective and organized person I know and I consider him an informal coach (which I think is a reflect of my parents solid relationship). I manage to take care of our home very well under his guidance and iniciative. He thinks I should get medication but not a full dosage so I do not lose my personality. Hopefully I will start medication soon, so I can complete what I have to do, be a better listener to my husband and be able to give a happy ending to my academic history.