Jenny’s Story

Well I’m so glad to have found a site that shares personal stories.
I am 24 years old. I never had really believed there was such a thing as ADD or adhd. I always thought it was just and excuse for parents to medicate their kids to make them mind. I NOW understand how wrong i was.

Looking back I only wish my mom would have noticed my symptoms and mentioned them to our dr. maybe i would have had more confidence. maybe school would have been much easier. maybe i could have started a project and FINISHED it. Now I’m a young mom. I’ve been in and out of depression. But i’ve never once seeked medical help for this. Until now. I go to the dr. in sept. i only pray the dr. will see my symptoms to be that of ADD. Not because it’s what i want to be wrong with me.

It’s what i know is wrong with me. My brain doesn’t process things like others. I am so easily distracted that i can’t even manage to go buy stamps to mail my bills. Fortunately I’m in good financial situation. But if i wasn’t I’d really be in a world of pain. I am believing i can finish my undergrad in Nursing and go on to Med school. But i am a 5 year college student with not even my associates. So that’s pretty depressing to me. I pray with good medical help and counseling I will be able to achieve these goals.