Sara’s Story

Finally, people that I can relate to.

I can remember being very unorganized, junky and sluggish as a little girl. I experience ADD without the hyperactivity. I am and was always sensitive and also anxious. The thought of having to undertake large tasks overwhelm me and I run in the opposite direction. My house is junky beyond compare and I want it clean, however I cannot clean it (literally).

Most people in my family believe that as long as there is nothing wrong with my hands, feet, and legs than there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to clean up. My pocketbook is junky, my room is junky, and I am too embarassed to mention other things. It is very difficult for me to prioritize and many times I overschedule myself. I have not watched a movie in about a year; my mind just cannot seem to focus on a movie. I have a one year old adorable baby girl and I really need to get this disorder in check for her sake.

I forgot to mention that I also suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and have experienced a psychotic episode. In one month from now, I am scheduled to be tested for ADD and I hope the psychiatrist put me on medication because I am desperate for relief. I wish all of you well in coping with this disorder!