Gracie’s Story

What can I say…Hello, I think I have ADD. I am 33 and I am just beginning what seems like is going to be a battle and I already feel like I am in a full blown war. What is up with people’s skepticism about ADD? Give me a flippin break. I have told a couple of people, people who seem to really care about me, that I really think I have ADD and all I can get is, What makes you think that?

Then I will struggle to explain as I feel like I am on trial for a crime I didn’t commit trying to convince them I am not jumping on some “ADD band wagon”. It absolutely unnerves me! I just can’t seem to make people understand what kind of impact this is having on my life. I’m sure I wouldn’t get the same kind of reaction if I said, I have cancer. Sorry about ranting I am just overwhelmed, go figure.

My biggest problem is organization. I guess that’s what you would call it. Basically, MY HOUSE IS A FREAKIN MESS! When I tell people this they say, you have 3 kids. Yes, but other people have 3 kids and more and still manage to function without having to get up and go through the laundry and “doctor-up” a couple pair of dirty jeans to send their kids to school in while tripping over every other foreign object you can possibly imagine in the floor on their way. Things basically have a place in this house, after long periods of frustrating struggle, but I just can’t seem to get them there very often.

My family and my home are the most important things to me in this world, so why can’t I seem to get it together more than once every couple of months only to fall right back into this pit of hell? I have had so many plans on this never-ending quest that I could write a whole book on what an ADDer should not do to get their lives in order. Fail, fail, fail. That’s all I can seem to do. Why? Is it ADD? At this point I sure as heck hope so. I need some help.