Sheryl’s Story

What to say…hmmm….Lets just say that I have been trying to figure out what has been wrong with me…and at 42 years of age…..(better late then never.)

I have finally been diagnosed with Adult ADD this month….and placed on medication (beginning today), I pray this will be a Godsend for me. Here is how is all began:

I remember always being different in school. Really sensitive…average to good student…but when my parents divorced and I moved, I just couldn’t seem to keep up with the pace of high school and work, and finally took my GED my junior year.

As an adult, I went back to school, recieved my nursing degree…had 3 children and seemed to be doing okay….yet still really frustrated over trying to meet all of my obligations, clean the home, attend meetings for work, dentist & doctors appt, etc.

Appx. at age 34, I noticed I was just not able to relax anymore. I couldn’t read an article in a magazine, much less a book. I felt so stressed and couldn’t even go out to eat and enjoy it because I always was distracted by all of the people talking in the restruant. I was getting scared…thinking “What is wrond with me?” Every one would just say…you are busy, you have 3 kids……and Doctors all said “are you depressed?”…and while I did not feel so (I was always the fun one in my family), they always put me on an antidepressant….which I never really could tell a difference.

Eventually, Daily I would lose my keys, my purse, important info. for my job and eventually I began to feel like I was losing my mind.

If finally took my 20 year-old son going to college, where he began to struggle and became very anxious.

Because I didn’t want him to end up like me, I took him to a psychologist for testing anxiety (he always had A’s on daily work, yet would get C’s and D’s on tests), he was tested and found to have ADHD.

We also decided to have our 11 year-old who has suffered and been treated for anxiety since age 7….tested and she too was found to have ADHD.

The doctor asked if either parent had ADD or ADHD and I broke down and realized this could be my problem. I was tested and found to have a severe case of ADD. Hopefully a Godsend for me….I want so much to be able to function without worrying about everything.

Better late then never….but I believe there are many adults who are not diagnosed…and suffer daily with disorganization and stress….maybe they too are not just stressed. I wish them much luck and hope they too can eventually find out if they have ADD…and can get the help they need….as I know how lost I have felt.