Daniel’s Story

My name is Daniel,
I am one of those really strange combinations. I have AD/HD, I was diagnosed with it towards the end of High School. I only read 3 or 4 books that the school picked out for me. (the cay, the Hobbit, Hatchet, and possibly Bridge to Terabithia) Since I had such a terrible experience with medications when I was younger, I was placed on Phenobarb for seizures when I was about 2 and kept on it, even though I didn’t show signs of needing it, until we went and got a second opinion in the 6th grade. Since I grew up in a Baptist environment spankings were the punishment of choice, both in school and at home. I have used various techniques to keep on task, mind over matter is definitely my motto. I find I tap my foot a lot , especially after eating. I use a watch or cell phone with several alarms, Timex is great because they have a 5 min delay, kind of a snooze, if you don’t stop the alarm.

I also use automatic bill pay and direct deposit (I don’t have to get to the bank or send off the bills that come all the time). I do these because I still do have a problem with macro time management. I find the best way to do that is to have a set schedule….. as long as the activities vary in type and the individual activities aren’t the same thing over and over. Oh yeah back to my strange combinations there’s the AD/HD, but I am also super detailed. So I’ll work to get something perfect and if I am not “finished” and someone calls me away to do something else, I may forget about that as I am involved in getting another project done super well. It gets to be frustrating at times!

Growing up in school I was never interested, I did best when I was in small private schools where there were 3 or more grades to 1 teacher (all the extra input). My parents were constantly told “he’s a bright kid, just doesn’t apply himself”. I never went on to college, so now I work at Wal-mart stocking shelves and I am almost 30. There’s at least 10 different things I would like to do with my life (all my own business ideas). If I get a palm or similar device I may try that ADD planner for my schedules…. Who knows I have never been able to use anything to track that.