Cheryl’s Story

Im 26 and I was diagnosed with add about a year ago. I was so happy to read the other stories to know that Im not alone. Some of the things that are similar with me are, im a mess, my room, my car, but i too know where everything is, i mean to clean or organize but i dont, i look at the piles on the counter and walk away, ive been told im lazy all my life, im smart I just cant pay attention, I loved reading about people who phase out in the middle of a lecture or conversation, im lost after the first minute, i forget what im talking about in the middle of a sentence. I also leave my clean clothes in the basket.

School always came easy to me, i never had to put in much effort to get an A or B, then college it was B or C, then law school it was mostly C’s. I cant focus for very long, i should be studying now but im not, I see a large task waiting for me and i walk away. In law school I would “study” for hours but what I did in those hours took another person 10 mins. But because I have no structure, I can think on my toes, pressure doesnt get to me the way it does with other people, so i thank my ADD for that. Ive been on adderall for almost a year and I love it, except when im stressed i get the worst headaches and i have the worst insomneia right now.

I wanted to thank you all that wrote a s