Scott’s Story

I was diagnosed with ADD at age 45. It occured to me one night while chatting with my wife, that i felt like something is wrong with my thinking. After talking about it i made an appointment for counceling. Yes, they said–you are classic case of adult attention deficit. I met just about all the symptoms: low esteem, poor grades, no attention,lost just about everything, frustrated, and depressed.

My friends all got good grades if they wanted too. i wanted to as well, but my efforts were never enough. i would always tell them that i did not study. really though, i would stay up all night studying sometimes. well i normally got poor grades and lots of poor progress reports. i received so many talks from my dad, which were not nice at all. i always tried and ended up lost, unorganized, and confused. basically i barely made it out of high school adn went to college. i dropped out of college after one year and many failed classes. i always felt i was dumb. i was quiet, well behaved. i was a day dreamer.

well anyway; i did get medication and counceling. Today i am able to concentrate. i get great grades adn after 48 years i said to my councelor for the first time “i am not dumb.” i am not cured, i lose stuff still, i can not spell well, but now i know why. i am lots better than before, but i still have problems. i know my strengths and weaknesses. i adjust and keep going. i do get frustrated and depressed once in awhile.

i do keep going because i know that one day i will help a child that is like me, because i am going to be an elementary school teacher. it aint easy, but ya just can’t give up and have a pitty party. life is just too short. i have had a succesful career. 22 years in the military, lots of schooling, a degree in automotive repair, and almost a teaching degree.