Phil’s Story

I am a 31 year old male from Birmingham, England. Although I have not been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD Over 20 years ago my parents were fed up to the back teeth with my behavioral problems that I had brain tests which came back negative for any disorder (my uncle had severe autism) but I had to go to a behavioral psychologist who suggested things like – Putting a chart on the wall for each day saying when I had been good or bad and at the end of the week i would get rewarded if I had been good – this OBVIOUSLY did not work as Id forgotten about the chart within minutes.

Ever since I was young I have been hyperactive, fidgety, unable to concentrate generally, was very poor at in class, very easily distracted, had short tempered rages, always in trouble in primary (first) school for being disruptive, I am very loving and feel the need to be loved like I need hugs often, I run around up and down the stairs to get to my destination without realizing it, I start tidying only to rearrange or transfer where I put the mess and not actually put it away, I forget to complete things people ask me to do and my thoughts get scrambled throughout the day, etc. I remember songs but never remember an artist or band name, unless it’s ABBA, QUEEN or the Beetles which are REALLY obvious.

I cant calculate numbers fast in my head and get flustered if someone asks me a calculation on the spot but my English/grammar isn’t so bad. I appear augmentative when I know I am right about something and get upset or angry when say my boss tells me something which I am know I am right about but he disagrees with, I buy books that look good (impulsive) but never finish them or sometimes don’t even start them. I have started 100’s of books and only ever finished 2 in 20 years (The Hobbit and a Dungeons and Dragons book). I’m very impulsive and find new gadgets intriguing and loved to pull things apart as a kid.

I am hopeless on projects at work that need to be worked on over a number of weeks (I programmer software) I get easily bored of the project and find other things to do which seem more interesting without really looking for them. I seem to rush everywhere and get great rushes of energy where I just want to gambol, stand on my head or role around.

My girlfriend ha the patience of a saint as I am a complete nightmare because my moods run hot and cold without warning. I get anger fits for no reason and work myself up over stupid things and then they go and I calm down. There seems to by a pattern to the cycle but I just haven’t put my finger on it yet!
My memories from a child to recently are very fuzzy. I am totally messy – from my desk at work to my house in general.

My girlfriend is a diamond I dont know how she puts up with me as she doesnt understand me and thinks I am mental sometimes.

After she cleaned the whole house she asked me to do the washing up tonight, I got half way through and ended up leaving it to write this and I dont even know if I will go back to it now.

When writing it seems to be one of the few things that captivates me for a long time.