Amanda’s Story

Ever since I was little I had trouble with reading. I remember in 3rd grade I could read the words but I read slower than everyone and hated to read out loud. I also took forever completing my homework.I hated reading and still do. I had a lot of comprehension issues and continue to read and many times have to reread secure just forgot what I read. I also have a very hard time with complex info like reading bills, taxes, applications, school loans,insurance info,etc. I have to ask for help and do not understand complex and unknown vocabulary they use on them.

I also had problems in math -counting money and telling time was so hard and even now I do it very slow and get nervous if have to do it quickly. I also have trouble with adding weird numbers like 16+7 or 28+9 ..I have to always write it down and cannot do it in my head. I can not handle checkbook at all and always forget to write something down or misadd and get all messed up. I have written many hot checks by mistake so I have recently closed my checking account. I do not do well with my bills either. I mean to pay them but get sidetracked or forget until my electricity or water gets turned off.I keep making the same mistake -more than ten years of doing the same thing over and over.

My writing is messy, even if I take my time. Spelling is pretty good but some words like maybe and restaurant I always spell different each time. My short term memory is a joke, especially for tests. I always have to make up a silly song or funny way to remember info that I will not use again. I have always gotten good grades but have also always struggled..especially now in college.

I also get lost and turned around pretty easy. I have certain routes I drive and if in an unknown part of town, I will end up going way out of the way to get somewhere.I volunteered at a school and when coming out of the classroom I never knew which way to go for the exit. It was a long hallway with identical doors. Every time I went the wrong way.

I also had trouble doing my work at a couple of jobs. One was at JCPenney’s working in the visual dept and this was totally new for me. It was such a change of routine it took me several weeks to learn everything I needed to do. I was called “slow” and felt stupid. Once I learned the info I received two awards for doing so well.

At another job, I was a supervisor and frequently forgot to call in workers or I would wait to the last minute to ask them to work. I was awesome at all of the other aspects of the job, but it kept happening and I was asked to resign.

I currently work at a daycare, the profession I’ve been in for 10 years. I love it but tend to only focus on it and making things and doing things for the kids instead of studying for school or paying bills. I can’t seem to concentrate on everything at once. It makes me tired and kinda crazy.

My social skills are also suffering. I can talk normally to co-workers and parents of the kids and family. But if I talk to a stranger on the phone or when ordering in a restaurant…I go crazy. I am nervous and forget what to say. I have to repeat in my head what I’m going to say or write it down before talking.

My house and my car are so sister moved out of our house we were sharing because I wouldn’t pick up. I mean to clean and forget or it is so overwhelming i do not even start. It gets clean ever so often but not for very long.

Thanks for listening, Amanda