Michelle’s Story

I am a 35 year old woman who has been recently diagnosed with ADD/Anxiety disorder(as of 3 weeks ago. I guess you could say that i hae always suffered with ADD and not realized it until recently.

Academically i was and still am getting by. Math was and still is a subject i’ve always had difficulty in and hated, and still do. I guess it’s because of this ADD. I honestly feel that i could accomplish and do a whole lot more with my life, and it seems that no matter how many steps i take forward that seems to be positive, somehow i always end up falling short of my goals.

I have a hard time financially when it comes to saving money, calculating, and basically finding my way through anything that has to do with math. Trouble processing information is difficult for me at times depending on what i am hearing and how i am receiving it.

I have always had the love for writing. I have written some poetry and i hope to one day write a book(about what i have no clue yet) that is my dream. There have been so many good business ideas and dreams going through my head that i feel so angry at times because i don’t htink that i would ever get the chance to let them show in a product and lucrative way.

I feel stuck with no way to get out. I am researching various medications that may assist me with this ADD, and i am hoping and praying that whatever i decide will help me achieve my goals and function better than i have been doing in my life.

I wish all other ADDERS the best in their life goals.