Suzanne’s Story

My story is not so much about myself but about my son Jamie. He is now 8yrs old, Jamie was diagnosed with adhd about two years ago. It was a surprise to me but since he was my first child then i had no comparison. Jamie was born july 4th 1991 and was healthy, at the time i was nursing my mother with terminal lung cancer. It was a difficult time as we lived with my parents and i was 21yrs and at the time a single parent. my partner was around but not living permanently with us. my mother died that following Christmas. Jamie grew and other than suffering from asthma he was fine. It was when he went into reception class aged 4yrs that the problems started to show, the teachers got cross with him, he was annoying, he lost his gloves, he cried a lot, and interrupted the story time. then as he went on through the school it got worse. One day he got so upset about his shoes i found him wishing he was dead.

I decided it was time to speak to someone, the local doctor sent us to the local mental health clinic and from there it was shown he was suffering from adhd. Jamie is now on Ritalin (much to my sadness) but he has improved at school and sometimes has friends. Jamie can’t maintain friendships, he is misunderstood, and one day i think he will be a wonderful husband with all the sensitivity needed to be a good partner. but for now he struggles with his emotions, depression is his hardest problem to deal with. sadly i am scared to tell people of his adhd as they will discriminate against him, i live a lie. We all do even Jamie who tells people his medicine is for his asthma. I know have a second child and am married to jamies father, my second child is called rhys and has been tested for adhd, he is fine. Rhys is so different to Jamie, i don’t understand how we survive sometimes but we do and Jamie says he wants to be SCIENTIST ONE DAY, I TELL HIM ONE DAY HE CAN BE WHAT EVER HE WANTS TO BE AS HE IS OS SPECIAL. wrote by a mum who worries her son wont survive his own