Tien’s Story

Hi my name is Tien and I’m 23 years old. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with ADD yet. My officially diagnosed is social phobia and depression; surprise, surprise these diagnosis typically over mask ADD. Ever since I could remember I’ve had to deal with behavioral problems, attention, anxiety, depression. During school while growing up I was an easy target for bullies. I’m a highly sensitive person I often cry easily. Grades? I had poor grades during school. At times I would get A’ and B’s most often than not I would get C’s just barely passing.

I would often misplace things and only find them later on when I didn’t really need it anymore. My desk in my home is cluttered with papers, pens, and other items. Now as I think of it; it was difficult but not impossible for me to do things especially at home. Things like hobbies, homework, reading. I would constantly worry about stuff such as what goes to happen next, what I said or did earlier, how foolish I said when I spoke out loud. I often replay these things over and over again my head. I couldn’t concentrate on getting things done.

My clinic where I receive treatment for my issues doesn’t treat ADD. I pretty have to seek treatment some place else for ADD. I’ve read “Driven to Distraction” and most of the information in there resembles my life. I’m struggling in college right now. I need help right of way. I daydream a lot and thing constantly. I have the silent type of ADD. The “quiet one” of the class who people assume there is nothing wrong with me. These are the kids who usually go undetected of ADD.

I hope to get treatment soon for ADD. I want to get my life on track